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Zodiac Sign Gemini

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Zodiac Sign Gemini

Its symbol is a young couple and this zodiac sign is believed to have originated from the constellation of Buddha called Uddhava. Gemini is considered to be the most intelligent among all the zodiac signs. It comes in third place in the zodiac circle. People of Buddha zodiac are very clever, intelligent and eloquent.

Repersented By: Twins

Rulling Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Type: Air

Positives:Intellectual Curiosity, Adaptable, Artistic Flair, Charming, Communication Skills, Quick Thinkers

Negatives: Restless Nature, Superficiality, Inconsistent, Indecisiveness, Restlessness

Characteristics:The people of Gemini zodiac sign are very strong towards their wives. The ability to judge women is amazing among them because due to their Nakshatra lords being Mars and Venus, they are also diagnosed with gynecological diseases. These people have a good fortune in any of their work. They give results so expertly that sometimes it seems that no one else can give such excellent results.

Lucky Colors: Yellow and light green are Gemini's lucky colors.

Lucky Numbers: 11, 5, 7 are considered lucky for Geminis.

Lucky Gemstones for Taurus Men And Women: Emerald (पन्ना).

Behavioral Traits:People of Gemini zodiac are very inquisitive and it is always in their nature to understand and learn everything continuously and due to this tendency, they find solutions to even the most complex problems. They are quite attractive in appearance. These people manage budget, have good listening ability and also emerge as excellent speakers.

Astrological Predictions: People of Gemini zodiac sign are fond of traveling, are good political advisors, are honest, decent and civilized, present their views very well, in a way, it can be said that anyone to whom they will present their views will listen carefully. People of Gemini zodiac are very successful in jobs etc. Due to their tendency to do research, they are good research analysts and are also adept in writing etc.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Gemini spans from May 21 to June 20. If your birthday falls within this period, you're a proud Gemini!

The symbol for Gemini is the Twins. It represents the dual nature of Geminis, highlighting their multifaceted personalities and adaptability.

Geminis are known for their adaptability, intellectual prowess, charm, versatility, and boundless energy.

Geminis exhibit duality in their thoughts, emotions, and interests. They can switch between moods, opinions, and activities with surprising speed.

Geminis might struggle with restlessness, indecision, and superficiality. Their ever-active minds can lead to overthinking and mood swings.

The lucky colors for Geminis are yellow and light green. Their fortunate numbers are 3 and 5, reflecting their versatile and adaptable nature.

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