यदि आप किसी भी प्रकार की प्रेम संबंधित समस्या का सामना कर रहे हैं तो हमसे संपर्क करें Online Horoscope Matching for Marriage

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Online Horoscope Matching for Marriage

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Online Horoscope Matching for Marriage

Matching of horoscopes is a very necessary and important task for any marriage by which information is obtained as to how positive or negative the matching is in the horoscopes of both the couples and how ineffective it is and through this the influence of planets, constellations etc. It is estimated that how suitable the two horoscopes are for marriage if they match each other.

And in this it is seen what are the qualities and what are the defects in it. How many qualities are found in it? In astrology, 36 qualities are mentioned to be matched. Out of these, how many qualities are found and how many are not found, on the basis of that, further consent for marriage is considered. There are many types of defects found in the horoscope, among which Manglik Dosha is also considered a very important defect.

After looking at all these things and considering all the things, would it be appropriate or inappropriate to marry further by avoiding these defects? For this, the birth chart is matched by an experienced astrologer who, through the Navamsa chart, decides that the matching of this birth chart is What are the advantages and disadvantages and will there be any obstacles in marriage and what are their solutions?

Improtance Of Kundli Matching for Marriage

To make a marriage successful, horoscope matching is necessary, and through this, it is found out that what are the chances of the marriage being successful and being unsuccessful or having any kind of problem, for this the horoscope is used. The merits and demerits are detected and they are avoided before time so that there is no problem of any kind in the marriage. Many times what happens is that the boy and the girl love each other but they are deprived of their love. If you know that you are not able to get love, then its solution and remedy can also be found through horoscope matching.

By matching the horoscope, if we are facing any problem in marriage then the boyfriend or girlfriend also gets its solution and their marriage easily turns into yoga.

Gun Milan, Maglik Dosha, and Strength of Navamsa Chart

Gun Milan: Matching of Gunas in Vedic Astrology is a method to make marriage successful. Matching is done 36 times and each Guna plays an important role. Now how many of these Gunas are matched to make the marriage successful and successful. Marriages can be done up to 18 Gunas. Below this, marriages are prohibited. Marriage is considered good as per the number of qualities that are found in it.

Maglik Dosha: Manglik Dosh is estimated on the basis of where the planet Mars is placed in the horoscope of the boy and girl, whether it is in the ascendant, in the fourth house, in the seventh or in the twelfth house. In which house Mars will be present, this type of Mangal Dosh will be present in the horoscope. And what are the measures to be taken to mitigate the same type of Mangal Dosh, it is found out so that both the girl or the boy can get freedom from this friend and their marriage will be fine.

Strength of Navamsa Chart:For marriage, the strength of the planet is seen in the Navamsa horoscope and for rituals like marriage, it is necessary to see the Navamsa and after seeing the same, whatever defect comes to light, its remedy is necessary.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

In Kundli matching, the horoscopes of the girl and the boy are matched 36 times so that it can be predicted how their marital status will be compatible and how successful the marriage will be.

For any marriage to be successful, coordination of planets and constellations is necessary, that is why horoscope matching is necessary to find out what is the defect in it and what is the remedy for that defect.

In horoscope matching, 36 times are added. Marriage with gunas above 18 is considered fine. The second problem comes from auspicious friends.If auspicious is desired then its solution is also necessary.

Only an experienced astrologer who knows Vedic astrology can tell the accuracy of horoscope matching.

Through horoscope matching, all the problems in the relationship can be eliminated from their roots. Experienced Vedic Astrologer will be required, You can get this work done through their services.

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