यदि आप किसी भी प्रकार की प्रेम संबंधित समस्या का सामना कर रहे हैं तो हमसे संपर्क करें Janam Kundali Pridictions by Bith Of Date

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Janam Kundali Pridictions by Bith Of Date

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Janam Kundali: Guide to Personalized Predictions

By looking at the position of your planets, Nakshatras, Up Nakshatras, etc. through the birth chart, whatever circumstances that will arise for good or bad in the coming time can be predicted and avoided by correcting them. In which direction should one go and what to do? The birth chart guides everything. Which planets are good and which are negative? According to this guidance, we can make the right decisions in the future to avoid the negative effects and losses.

Janam Kundli Janam Kundli is the mirror through which we can find out our axis, our planetary positions, and our upcoming events because whatever is our staff, in which position, in which house, inauspicious or auspicious, it will be according to that. You get the result. See example, if in the horoscope of any person or caste, the seventh house is the house of life partner.

If it is in bad condition along with the planet sitting in it, if the ruling planet of the house is in bad condition, then the happiness that comes from feelings like love, marriage, partner, business, etc. results are negative. Similarly, look at your passion, first is the house whose Which planet is the ruling planet and what is its position? So we can assess whether our body is healthy or unhealthy and by improving it we can get good results.

Janam Kundli Prediction as per time of birth, place of birth and Date of Birth:

For the prediction of the birth chart, we need three things: time of birth, place of birth and date of birth of the person, because the time, the clock, and the position of the planets in the birth chart will be in the ascendant of the birth chart. The future of the person will be told only by looking at the beginning of the Navansh.

Importance of birth chart for marriage

Marriage is an important event in which two people get married and their families participate. A method has been created in astrology, which we also call Kundli Matching. In this Kundli Matching, the merits and demerits of both the people are mixed. Let us go, the tradition of getting 36 qualities is mentioned in our scriptures. Now how many of the 36 qualities are found?

What are the conditions of those 36 Gunas? By analyzing the horoscope, how many qualities, how much nature, and which position of the planet, the horoscope matching is done by looking at such ascendant i.e. nature, etc. In horoscope matching, it is seen that if the qualities of both the According to the planets, they are going to give good and bad effects according to the ascendant. In that situation, will an auspicious event like their marriage be successful in the future?

At the time of matching the horoscope, Ashtak Gunas are seen in the Kundli. In this, Nadi Gunas are seen which are around eight. 7 Gunas of Bhakoot, 6 Gunas of Gana Maitri, 5 Gunas of Grihamatri, 4 Gunas of Yoni Maitri, 3 Gunas of Tara Bal, 2 Gunas of Vashya and One Guna of Varna are matched 36 Gunas in this way.

Astrology role in career

Through numerology, it can be decided by looking at the potential of positive and negative cosmetic energy in the horoscope. In which sector the person should take himself in 31 directions, the help of numerology can be taken for this. Secondly, in astrology, the birth chart is based on studying, a career can be chosen according to the energy of good and bad planets and the sub-constellations of their constellation.

If the person goes to the field of energy which is positive, then he will get immense success and will not face any problems, whereas if the person goes on the contrary, then the person lives his life through struggle and keeps getting success. Rather, we can say that his life is always a struggle. One is mentally disturbed because the energy that is supposed to get positive results works in the negative zone. Therefore, while listening to career, it is important to pay attention to positive and negative aspects because these show our condition, direction, and path to success.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Birth horoscope planetary dasha etc is such a yoga that answers the questions of man from his birth to death till salvation and shows him the path.

By analyzing the horoscope, you can know the time and direction of both good and bad events of the coming time and can save yourself by making decisions accordingly.

You can take good decisions from the predictions of the horoscope which will be very useful in your life.

The horoscope has a big role in an important task like marriage because it is the birth chart that can be used to know the harmony of both the boy and the girl through the union. It can be known how good their marriage will be and whether there will be any conflict in the future.

In which field you should make your future through the horoscope, which planets are good for you so that you can take advantage of them and make a good career, for this, the horoscope is a very good way.

To know how there will be mutual harmony in married life, horoscopes should be matched. On the basis of how many guns match, the status of married life is ascertained.

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