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Zodiac Sign Scorpius

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Zodiac Sign Scorpius

In astrology, this zodiac sign comes at number eight. The lord of both Aries and Scorpio is Mars and their house lord is considered to be Lord Hanuman. Its symbol is scorpion and the person has similar personality traits.

Repersented By: Scorpion

Rulling Planet: Pluto & Mars

Element: Water

Type: Water

Positives: Focused, Intuitive, Passionate, Loyal Friends

Lucky Colors:Deep red, black, and maroon.

Lucky Numbers: 8, 11, 18.

Lucky Gemstones: Coral (मूंगा)

Behavioral Traits:People of this zodiac sign are a little emotional and sensitive. These people keep their decisions etc. secret and are sure that whatever work they do, they will do it secretly. They do not let anyone know, this is a kind of tendency among these people. These people are of inquisitive nature, they like to know about others and concentrate on any work, they are of research nature.

These people are full of energy, hardworking and whatever opportunity they get, they often make the most of it and die only after achieving their goal. It is very difficult to know what is in the mind of a person of Scorpio zodiac. They do not allow very serious topics to be exposed at all. They bury them deep inside. They are not afraid of anyone in any way. If something happens, we attack with a strategy.

Astrological Predictions: This zodiac sign is of water element and represents the north direction. People of this zodiac sign have good ability to attract anyone professionally. These people can do good work in business. People of this zodiac sign are successful researchers, police officers, military officers, surgeons etc. Apart from this, the people of this zodiac sign have been found to be quite successful in judicial work, writing work, weapon related work, social work, as far as they are able to do all the work easily with their strong will.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Scorpius individuals are known for their intense passion, intuition, and unwavering determination.

Scorpius excels in careers requiring deep analysis, such as psychology, investigative journalism, and research.

They should avoid letting jealousy and possessiveness overpower trust and open communication.

A partner who values loyalty, emotional depth, and is open to their need for occasional solitude.

Citrine boosts confidence and success, making it an ideal gemstone for Scorpius men.

They tackle challenges with resilience, using setbacks as stepping stones to success.

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